What Do We Do

 At Sugar Me Right! You are not a number. Our wonderful clients make our business each and every day. It is our duty to build a relationship with you and understand your skin needs when you come to us. We strive to always get the hair when sugaring, regardless of the service you seek we will do our best to be detailed oriented. 

As the owner, I always try to provide my customers with the best customer appreciation, hair growth education and promotions in this market.  Once I felt that I was good at sugaring, I began developing other areas in my business. Such as Detoxifying, lash lifts, semi permanent mascara and microblading

Sugar Me Right! Is proud to be the first ever to offer the 3/4 body and we are Certified Alexandria Professionals.  This means we have the best technique on the market and use the highest quality sugar available. 

Professional Body Sugaring

Alexandria Professional Body Sugaring is  a much gentler, safer and truly progressive method of hair removal for all parts of the body.  It’s effective on all skin types and hair textures for both men and women. You can even get sugared if you have Eczema and Psoriasis. The products are all natural and there are no chemicals or adhesives added so no fear of harmful side effects. Sugaring leads to permanency, over time the hair follicle will shrink until it no longer produces hair. And re-growth will spread out over time.  The highest attention is given to the skin condition.  Sugar doesn't adhere to live skin cells so it is safer for your skin.  We offer a Full Circle Of Skin Care program because your skin IS our business!

Deep Sea Salt Body Smoothie

Dead Sea Salts remove dull skin and dead cells to reveal glowing skin and detoxes the pores allowing skin to breath.  It Stimulates Healthy blood circulation while  aiding in removing toxins from the body. Strengthens  and firms the skin tissues and keeps follicles clear and soft to aide ingrown hairs. Detox & Body Scrubs 



Sugar Me Right! Is making 2017 the year of the full eye.  We are bringing you services that to complete

That full eye experience with beautiful uplifted lashes.  We endeavour to lift even short lashes, stubbornly

Straight lashes and fine barely visible lashes.  A lash lift can really make your short lashes look lovely with store bought mascara.  Blond lashes, long lashes  and even average lashes look beautiful in semi permanent mascara.  This professional grade mascara can last 2-3 weeks.  You can wear a store bought mascara with some restrictions that would provide volume the semi perm doesn't provide.  But with the combo lash lift and mascara your can have the literal wake up make up.   Do you enjoy 3 D Mascaras? Wanna really make them pop?

Get a lash lift today !