Alexandria Professional Body Sugaring is


a much gentler, safer and truly


progressive method of hair removal for all


parts of the body.  Its effective on all skin


types and hair textures for both men and


women.  You can even get sugared if you


have Eczema  and Psoriasis. The


products are all natural and there is


chemicals or adhesives added so no fear


of harmful side effects. Sugaring leads to


permanency. Over time the hair follicle


will shrink until it no longer produces


hair. And regrowth will spread out over


time to 3-5 week depending on the body 


part sugared.



If your traveling forget your razor, you


can get sugared. 


Getting Married?  Get smooth, soft,


touchable skin for that perfect wedding


night of your dreams.  Be carefree and


hair free for weeks leading up to and


after your wedding.  Forget the razor on


the honeymoon, forget the itch forget


stubble.  Feel the new smooth. 



Advantages of body sugaring




·    Pure and natural ingredients


·    Its not as hot as wax will not burn skin.


·    Does not have chemicals and adhesives like wax and doesn't stick to the skin


·    It never dries and you don't use strips so you can see your work.


·    It doesn't break as many hairs as wax and any broken hairs can still be removed


·    wax can only be used in an area twice because it adheres to live skin cells.  


·    Sugar paste does not adhere to live skin cells and can be used over a spot repeatedly


·    Sugar paste is hypoallergenic and doesn't clog pores


·    Bacteria will not breed in high concentrated sugar


·    Can extract even the shortest hairs to 1/16 of an inch


·    Leads to permanency of the hair removal.